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Research types

We inquire into market, brand, consumer

We evaluate the brand’s position in the market

We measure awareness, consumer brand loyalty, brand perception in a competitive environment.

Clients  reach out to us when they plan to launch a large-scale advertising campaign or rebranding. When they want to know how key brand indicators will change over time. We measure indicators before and after the campaign. The campaign is a success if the market share changes, brand awareness grows, the number of loyal audience increases, the attitude towards the brand improves.

We define the optimal price for the product

We measure how much customers are willing to pay. In order for the price not to restrain the promotion of the product on the market, it is important to build a pricing policy, taking into account the perception of the price by consumers.


For example, a company wants to bring an elite brand with a long history to the market. The low price discredits the image of the brand and deprives it of the chance of gaining a worthy place in the market. Price that is too high may not correspond to consumer purchasing power and consumer perception of the brand.

We do market segment analysis

We identify existing segments, find out the needs and expectations of each target group.

It is not enough to segment the market according to socio-demographic characteristics. Consider the psychological aspects. In a world where everyone strives for personalization, defining a target audience of «women 18—35 years old» is doomed. Women are different — some strive to stand out and feel recognized, others are modest and gentle, some care most about the family, and care little about everything else.


You need to understand your audience in order to develop a unique selling proposition and to position yourself well in the market.

Imagine a women’s clothing market, where half of the consumers wear a radical mini, the other half wear a maxi below the ankle. If you release knee-high skirts you lose money.

We study consumer behavior patterns and motives

We measure the level of knowledge, experience of using the brand, characteristics of consumer behavior upon purchase.

Use research results to enhance your image. For example, you know you are the market leader in your area. Get an official opinion from independent research company. Then you can use this argument in advertising and avoid being accused by competitors of spreading false information.

We analyse consumption drivers and barriers

We analyse consumption drivers and barriers to better understand what drives consumers to buy.

We measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign

We test TV advertising, rate effectiveness of digital media, print media. We analyse how strongly the advertising affects the audience. We help you to find out what types of advertising are more appropriate and profitable for your business.

We help you search for ideas and test hypotheses

Connect us at the stage of developing new products and services in order to study in detail the characteristics of the consumer’s perception, motives, needs. For example, if you have several product concepts, through research, you will find out how your target audience perceives your ideas.