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Consumer research

Research on consumer

drivers and barriers

Driver is something that consumer perceives as an advantage. Keep in mind that the existence of drivers, and even willingness to buy a product does not guarantee a purchase.

Let’s say the consumer is confident that your product suits him. He understands that he likes, for example, the low calorie content of the dessert. At the same time, the buyer may have doubts. Let’s say that the dessert is not tasty. Such doubts are called barriers to consumption and create a barrier to purchase. If you do not overcome these obstacles with thoughtful arguments, they will lead to a purchase failure.

Sometimes customer drivers and barriers are not obvious. For example, we researched drivers when buying a box of chocolates. It turned out that in addition to taste, the buyer is concerned about packaging design. It is important that the sweets are beautifully decorated and the box is pleasant to hold in your hand. At the same time, it turned out that the price affects the decision to purchase the goods to a lesser extent.

We test a list of perceived drivers, barriers, and arguments through qualitative research. We conduct quantitative research, evaluate the importance of each driver and barrier. Then we analyze the results. We use factor analysis, correlation analysis, regression analysis.

By researching drivers and barriers, you gain a deeper understanding of what drives consumers to use a product. Find out what are the biggest obstacles stopping them from unconditionally accepting your proposal.

This knowledge will help you shape the optimal advertising strategy that will entice consumers to use the product and eliminate any doubts that stand in their way.