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Consumer analysis

Research on consumer habits and preferences

We model the study in such a way that the clients get a general idea, is able to independently navigate the market, see growth opportunities, make up strategies and increase market opportunities.

The manufacturer of products for children was convinced that quality and naturalness are the most important drivers when buying. Only they are important and that’s all. The research showed: yes, naturalness is important, but if the product is not tasty for the child— parents won’t buy it. We also found an additional driver, convenience. After the research, a new packaging format was released.

We deeply study consumer preferences. We find out how people choose products, when they buy them and what is their attitude to a certain brand. Research on consumer habits and preferences helps to experience and understand the diversity of consumers lives.

Does the consumer know about you? How does he perceive your product?

We measure the spontaneous level of brand knowledge, knowledge with a hint. We study the experience of using product, category. Study the brand image. We conduct a comparative analysis of image perception of brands in the category.

Who is a category consumer?

We shape a portrait of the consumer of product or service. Explore lifestyle, hobbies, behavior. We analyze the explicit and latent needs and expectations of consumers.

What are consumers’ behavioral patterns and habits?

We identify factors that influence choice of a brand, a product, a service. We identify barriers and drivers of consumption. We find out why the consumer makes his choice in favor of a certain brand and its products.